Furniture Rental

Acquiring and installing furniture is a big commitment for people on the move.

Voila believes that even temporarily occupied spaces can (and should) be stylish and functional, and that people should get the most out of a space no matter how long they’re in it.

From athletes to young professionals and business executives, Voila’s furniture rental service is ideal for people that want even their temporary homes to feel like home.

  • Design Forward

    Voila creates high-end living and working environments for people on the move.
  • Flexible

    Voila’s fully customizable service works with any size or style home or office.
  • Hassle-Free

    With just a floorplan and a phone call, we can have your space ready by the time your plane arrives.
  • Turnkey

    Voila delivers high-quality, coordinated solutions that mean you can move right in.

We also specialize in outfitting properties for Airbnb owners, and provide comprehensive corporate furnishing solutions.